Titanium plates

Titanium’s superior corrosion resistance properties make it a natural choice for Chemical Processing Industry applications, and tipro – years experienced industrial titanium / industrial grade titanium supplier offering nearly all types of industrial titanium with good quality assurance.
Many industrial grade titanium supplier know that, when processing aggressive compounds like nitric acid, organic acids, chlorine dioxide, inhibited reducing acids, and hydrogen sulfide, titanium is an excellent material of choice for vessels, heat-exchangers, tanks, agitators, coolers, and piping systems.

We Tipro produce titanium coils and plates for chemical industry and aerospace.
Heat Exchanger
Titanium anode
Pressure Vessels

Titanium coils, sheets and plates

  • Hot rolling

  • Cold rolling

  • Titanium plates AMS 4911 for aerospace
  cold rolling Hot rolling
Thickness 0.5- 4.75mm 4.75mm-60mm
Width 1500mm max. 3000mm max.
Length 3000mm max. 6000mm max.
Standard ASTM B 265 ASME SB 265/ AMS 4911