Titanium materials used for biomedical applications cover a wide spectrum and must exhibit specific properties. The most important property of materials used for fabricating implants is biocompatibility, followed by corrosion resistance.

Tipro medical titanium products :
Titanium bars
Titanium wires
Titanium plates

With the application of CAD/CAM technology, this technology opens the door to a new world of high-tech materials that cannot be processed with conventional casting technology. Casting problems, such as porosity or the formation of alpha-case layers on titanium are now relegated to the past. With CAM processing, precise substructures can be manufactured. We Tipro produce titanium discs Dia98.5mm with excellence tolerance and surface.

Our advantages of titanium use in implant and dental as follow:
ISO 13485 Certified
About 20 years produce titanium bars and plates for Produce medical titanium produce for our firm customers every month.
Control good Microstructure and Grain Size according to ISO 5832-3, ETTC-2, ISO 20160:2006, and ISO 5832-2 ASTM E112 100% Ultrasonic Test before the shipment
Bar size: 3.19- 150mm
Tolerance we do for medical bars : Dia3.19-18mm h7
Plate size: Thk 0.635 – 30mm X 1219 max. X 3000mm max.

  Grade Spec. Application
Grade 2, Grade 4 ISO 5832-2 ; ASTM F67 Implant
6AL4V ELI ISO 5832-3 ; ASTM F136 Implant,Hip Prosthesis,Dental
6AL7Nb ISO 5832-11 ; ASTM F1295 Implant