Melting ingots

In order to improve the quality of materials, we invest a melting workshop in Luoyang with total 6 melting equipment. We manufacture pure and alloy titanium ingots with excellent surface and high quality. Tipro can melting full range of titanium alloys and supply different sizes for different application.

The small size ingots for specific requirements especially special alloy for research and casting. Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb

Our titanium and titanium alloy ingots are melted twice at least using the VAR process. Double melting is considered necessary for all applications to ensure an acceptable degree of homogeneity in the resulting product. Base on customer’s request, we also do Triple melting. Triple melting achieves even better uniformity of chemistry and structure.

Two VAR furnace in 300kgs

Two VAR furnace in 3000kgs

Two VAR furnace in 8000kgs