Titanium's superior corrosion resistance properties make it a natural choice for Chemical Processing Industry applications.

Titanium, when exposed to oxygen, produces a thin layer of oxide film providing high resistance to corrosion. It is popular in chemical processing and marine environments, such as found in offshore oil and gas operations, where it resists pitting and crevice corrosion. When processing aggressive compounds like nitric acid, organic acids, chlorine dioxide, inhibited reducing acids, and hydrogen sulfide, titanium is an excellent material of choice for vessels, heat-exchangers, tanks, agitators, coolers, and piping systems.

Our titanium coils for mesh Our industry titanium products as follow :
Titanium bars
Titanium billets
Titanium tubes
Titanium plates and sheets
Titanium forged rings
Titanium coils
We Tipro produce titanium for chemical industry:
Heat Exchanger
Titanium anode
Pressure Vessels
Specification titanium :
ASTM B348, ASTM B863, ASTM B338, ASME SB338 , ASTM B861, ASTM B265, ASTM B381
Commercial pure titanium: